Maine Mendoza's popularity does not end her personal and private life. Once, she confessed that she has an introvert personality. She further said in her interviews that she liked to be alone and chose to be with close friends and family rather than to be with a large group. She's the exact opposite of what we have seen her on television.

But why she was able to get over the hump and magically do things she does not usually do before?

Well Maine Mendoza is a REALISTIC person. She might be a pessimist person but that doesn't stop her to understand her real worth and spot her vast skills and potentials. Realistic as she is, what she lacks is CONFIDENCE.

During her Eat Bulaga audition, she showed her realistic side at the same time highlighting her skill and potential but yet exposing her lack of confidence when she answered NO to most of the questions thrown to her by the audition masters.

She realistically said she can't sing, can't dance and can't act... but she can make an ugly face with confidence!

Genuine to herself, Eat Bulaga provided an avenue to showcase her ugly face in "problem solving" segment of Juan for all, All for Juan, making wacky and funny faces while dubsmashing an array of songs and famous lines from popular movies. Indeed,  she can't dance, she can't sing and there was even a notion if she can really talk.

Menggay as she have known to her close friends, has stage fright that SELF CONFIDENCE is the answer.

Eat Bulaga is the answer.

Eat Bulaga give her the much needed self confidence by believing in her raw talents. Convincing Maine that she can do all things even beyond her expectations if she will just believe in herself. Slowly she have done things that are new to her, like acting, dancing and singing, writing song, hosting and a lot more. Eat Bulaga is instrumental in her growth as an artist.

But the biggest reason for her new-found confidence and self worth is a young man who she accidentally met on split screen. Alden Richards is the man. Together they are destined to make new things that they have not been doing before. Together they have been invading unfamiliar grounds and to everyone's amazement they passed the test with flying colors.

Everyday in kalyeserye they never stop to surprise us with something new. They made us laugh with their funny jokes and actions, they made us sing with their dubsmash and live performances, they made us dance with their popular dance steps, they made us shout with KILIG everytime they showed some sweetness and they made us cry with their acting skills.

But what made us glued on them is the feeling of inspiration that they have given the whole Aldub nation.

The craziness and the weirdness of Alden and Maine that we never know if its REAL or REEL. The craziness opens up our defensiveness and before we know it we are setting aside our logic and conscious mind giving the way for the communication given by ALDEN and MAINE goes directly to our subconscious that brings exceptional bliss to our life.