10 Really Expensive Diamond-Crusted Watches

Some say time is eternity. Others remark that diamonds are forever. But if you were asked, which would you choose? An overflowing abundance of time? Or a bag of precious stones? In a hypothetical world, which luxury would tug you the most? You might say time. Or you might probably decide diamonds are a better option.
But then again, it’s all hypothetical. But what if you can have both? Now, for a privileged few, that can be a reality. For those who place so much value on both time and diamonds, then these gemstone-covered timepieces are definitely worth looking at. Here are the 10 luxurious diamond-crusted watches.

#10 Girard-Perregaux Cat’s Eye Tourbillon: $500,000

This creation from renowned watchmaking firm Girard-Perregaux features more than 1,000 brilliant-cut diamonds set in the white gold casing. The dial is handcrafted from delicate mother of pearl, showing the maker’s expertise in the creation of this watch. One rose-cut diamond is placed for the crown. Completing this luxurious watch is the strap made of premium grade alligator leather.

#9 Rolex GMT Master II Mens Diamond Ice: $500,000

Arguably the most expensive Rolex model to date, this particular watch parades a white gold case and bracelet crusted with diamonds. The face of the watch is also specked with precious stones and is built with diamond wave dial with dot-hour markers. The glass is made of scratch resistant sapphire crystal. The watch is sold as a limited edition, making it more valuable. Brad Pitt and David Beckham are among the lucky few to own one.

#8 Piaget Limelight Party Disco Ball: $540,000

A unique work of masterful watchmaking, this diamond-covered watch is uniquely shaped and angled to reflect light in all directions. The timepiece is comprised of several spheres made of 18k white gold. Adding more to the uniqueness of this watch from Piaget is that it is hard to tell the time if you are not the wearer. The dials blend so well with the watch’s hue that they are hard to spot from certain angles.

#7 Cartier Masse Secret Panther Decor: $600,000

A panther prowling inside the bezel, set against a black mother-of-pearl dial, is the most known feature of this watch from Cartier. The internal mechanism is designed to make the three-dimensional panther seem like its stalking its prey. Making this timepiece more valuable, however, are the 633 diamonds adorning the bezel and the panther. On top of that, the 18k white gold case is also littered with diamonds.

#6 Chanel J12 Haute Joaillerie: $700,000

A total of 597 baguette diamonds are used to decorate the face of this fine timepiece from Chanel. The dial, bracelet, and the indexes are crafted from high grade, scratch-proof ceramic, further enhancing the diamonds’ brilliance and allure. This exquisite piece comes in two colors, black and white. Whatever you choose, you can be sure class and elegance are not compromised.

#5 Vacheron Constantin Kalla Lune: $800,000

Veering away from conventional watch construction, this fine watch exudes of sophistication and daring. The watch is clad in 826 baguette-cut diamonds, 23 brilliant-cut diamonds, and one rose-cut diamond for the crown. 170 of the baguette diamonds proudly pave the face of the dial, which features power reserve and moon phase indicators. The diamonds are all set in 18k gold. Aside from these precious white gems, the setup also includes 22 rubies. Completing the watch is a fine strap made of alligator leather.

#4 Blancpain Tourbillon Diamants: $1.8 Million

There’s a total of 480 baguette-cut diamonds that adorn this skilfully crafted timepiece, with the stones crusting the bracelet, bezel, and the case. The diamonds are layered like a brick wall in the bracelet and inside the dial. The glass in the face of the watch is made of high grade sapphire crystal. The case and bracelet are fashioned from white gold. And you don’t need to worry about water getting inside, since the watch is waterproof. However, getting your hands on this watch can be tricky, as this magnificent piece is only available on request.

#3 Cartier Secret Phoenix Watch: $2.7 Million

Bold, brave, and totally out of the box, this fine piece from Cartier is just something that is hard to describe. More than just a timepiece, the finely crafted phoenix conceals the dial, which makes the watch seem more like a bracelet. A total of 3,010 brilliant-cut diamonds are set in 18-karat rhodium-plated white gold. Precious emeralds act as the phoenix’s eyes.

#2 Piaget Emperador Temple: $3.5 Million

481 brilliant-cut diamonds, 207 baguette-cut diamonds, and one emerald-cut diamond adorn this magnificent timepiece. 360 of the diamonds are set on the bracelet while the rest are layered on the watch’s bezel and dial. But what makes this timepiece so interesting is that there is a secret watch hidden underneath the first one. Pop it open and you will see 162 brilliant-cut diamonds and 11 baguette-cut diamonds flashing from the inside.

#1 Hublot’s Big Bang Watch: $5 Million 

This manly timepiece from Hublot is crafted using the combined expertise of 12 master cutters, 5 stone setters, and took 14 months of labor. Each of the 1,282 diamonds is carefully selected to match the design and the concept of the Big Bang. What makes this more expensive than others is that there is only one of its kind in this world and it was commissioned by Beyoncé as a gift to her husband Jay-Z at his 43rd birthday.