Aldub persistently shows us that we have to be strong and fight our weaknesses. Our spirit needs that burning flame of encouragement to keep us moving and going. We are earnestly happy because Maine and Alden are our daily dose of encouragement.

AlDub’s 5 Best Moments On Destined To Be Yours

1. Sinag and Benjie’s Playful Banter
 AlDub fans are used to gushing over the pair being cute together, but in “Destined To Be Yours,” it’s a different take. Maine’s character, Sinag, isn’t interested in Benjie Rosales, who Alden plays. This just heightens their very obvious chemistry with each oth , and brings out an even cuter more kilig vibe to their love team.

Things get more interesting when Benjie asks Sinag if he could court her in episode 7, where Benjie tries to do ‘panliligaw’ the traditional way. Unfortunately for him, he always gets shuts down by Sinag.
The two eventually pair up… but in a fake relationship, to spite Sinag’s ex. Fake relationship or not though, this is still how the Yabs (yabang) and Sungs (Sungit) came to be in the show.
2. Sinag’s Hugot Moments
Aside from her ultimate ‘sungit’ attitude to Benjie, Sinag is also known for her hugot quotes or moments. Sinag definitely has the crown for ‘hugot queen’ for all the hugot lines she said within the show. Maine portrays the role perfectly too, with much conviction.
All over Twitter, after each episode, fans tweet about Sinag’s famous hugot lines. Relatable? Super! Her hugot lines got so much attention that an episode hashtag is even about it. #DTBYViralHugot even took one of the spots in Philippines top trends on Twitter!
3. It’s a Date!
Just a date? Not when it’s portrayed by Maine and Alden. When it’s them, it’s automatically considered a kilig date, even their episode hashtag says so with #DTBYKiligDate. Flowers are a must when trying to win a girl’s heart, and it looks like its working for Sinag. This episode has really let the kilig o meter reach it’s max, with even the family joining in the support for the two.
4. Benjie’s Dramatic Sorry
Everyone watching the show knew all along that despite how cute Sinag and Benjie looked together, Benjie still had a secret motive. The Aldub pair shook so many fans with their intense scene with Alden in tears. Maine and Alden definitely proved they can turn away from their sweet roles and commit to other emotions as well.
5. The 2 Years After
So many things happened in between after Sinag found out about well, everything. The two parted ways, but wait- they meet again!
Destiny is really playing it’s hand with the pair, with even more events to come in the following episodes. To list all of Aldub’s kilig moments would take forever, but here are just some of the most striking moments to happen in the show.
To catch more of Maine and Alden’s moments together as Sinag and Benjie, “Destined To Be Yours” at 8:30 in the evening, after “Encantadia.” Don’t miss out on the remaining episodes!
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