Top Most Expensive Makeup Products

Since it is the 21st century, there is no wonder that the world keeps getting crowded with a hundreds of brands and fashion lines. It is also unsurprising that these brands are getting more and more expensive as they get popular, and the thing is that people keep obsessing over them, and are, probably, ready to pay those extra bucks to wear these brands, just for their prevalent names. Despite the fact that these brands have already gotten too widespread and popular to ever worry about people stopping purchasing their products, they won’t seem to stop getting more luxurious and costly with time. And the real reason behind this fact, is not keeping the people’s interest, but it is to keep their position among the other brands in the market, and that is another tricky way to keep the people’s interest as well. Check out this list of the most unbelievably expensive makeup products in the market.

Gold and Diamond Lipstick
Since Guerlain is one of the most popular French brands in the world, and the oldest among all the cosmetics brands, it is not astonishing to come up with one of the most extraordinary inventions of all times to keep standing out among the crowd. Guerlain has produced a lipstick called KissKiss that its tube is made out of real gold and diamonds. Imagine having this exceedingly expensive tube, how much do you think it is going to cost? Yes, a FORTUNE. For a matter of fact, Guerlain had actually priced this luxurious lipstick for $62,000. You definitely need to be either completely out of your mind to purchase a lipstick that costs that much.
Orchidée Impériale
This is another product by Guerlain, It is a French term that means, in English, the imperial orchid; which is a rare flower that works wonder for regenerating the skin cells. Guerlain has been famous for using this kind of flowers in its products for over 12 years. It is referred to as imperial, for this orchid used in that skincare cream is a gold one. Furthermore, this Orchidée Impériale is a Skin Cells regenerating treatment that assures you that your skin will be reinvigorated and completely restored within a month, if used regularly. It works with different skin types and correct almost every skin problem, which leaves it at a cost of $1,953.32.
Beauty Mascara
Apparently, Guerlain is not the only line that comes out with the most expensive makeup products, in fact, H. Couture should be put on top of this list. Valez the designer of this beauty product line wanted to take the world of makeup up for about hundreds of thousands notches. She designed a mascara with a tube made of gold, but unlike Guerlain gold and diamonds lipstick tube, she added Swarovski crystals and blue diamonds as well. Actually, the tube is made out of 2,500 blue diamonds, 1000 of the premium crystals, and 18K of gold. Yes, that is a great expense of jewelry! No wonder this mascara tube costs 14 million dollars. One more thing about that deluxe tube is that when it is over, you are allowed to refill it, and that actually makes it cool yet irrationally expensive.
Gold and Diamond Eyelashes
Yes, it is obvious that expensive and luxurious jewelry like gold and diamond have been widely used in many of the cosmetic products designed by several different brands. Moreover, these products are actually being sold for millions and, seemingly, there are those people who are willing to buy them. Another brand that was established in 2009, Kre At Beauty, firmly believe that eyelashes are magical makeup products that every woman probably needs to enhance her own beauty. Therefore, it has actually designed eyelashes that were made up of gold and other made of diamonds. Since these sophisticated eyelashes play a great role, from their own perspective, in finalizing a woman’s appearance, it was priced for $1.350.