Who is Aldub Nation? Simple, it is me and you with a true blooded Aldub, who is not half-hearted, who is not deceitful and who is not controlled by whomsoever and by whatsoever. A simple mortal that rejoices with Aldub's triumphs and honors, that cries and sympathizes with Aldub's heart-breaking defeats. A pure and genuine being that simply loves Aldub from the facade of our life to the deepest part of our hearts, endlessly.

Aldub Nation doesn't have sovereignty but it has has great massive power that is insurmountable to fight battle with. It fights in the name of ALDUB. A one true nation that is binds by love and life.

Do not underestimate the power of Aldub Nation. It has been quoted and always been proven right. No one can pull a good nation down. Commending that Aldub Nation is phenomenon. Aldub tandem would not have been in this stature of fame and popularity without ALDUB NATION hailing them high. Now it is the time to recognize and apprehend Aldub Nation.

Aldub Nation is not affiliated to any other nation nor a member of any nation group. For territory wise it lacks but it stands with no boundaries. It is a huge body of people associated and collectively joined together with one great purpose and that is to give ultimate support to Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza otherwise called ALDUB love team. Aldub Nation molded with a concept with no controversial definition and created a common characteristics attributed to Alden and Maine.

Aldub is our Nation, just like our family as our HOME.