Wednesday, November 2, 2016


We've made this clamor last March and I think it is now ripe to demand for a teleserye from ALDUB couple. After a successful single and movie, Aldub nation is ready for the next big thing to happen. After the Phenomenal Aldub Wedding, Aldub Nation wanted nothing else but a "prima classe" soap opera on primetime.

 In a free country there is much clamor, in a free nation like the Aldub Nation there is even more.

The heightened public clamor resulting from social media will inevitably result in prejudice. Trial by media is, therefore, foreign to our system.

A clamor for Aldub, to cast in a primetime soap opera (telebabad), a show that is aired every weeknights. Indeed, a loud noise is raising in this issue. Why it can't be simply that the two be seen nightly on our television set? "Noontime isn't enough, we want more from Aldub!" crowd of Aldub fan shouted.

 It would be more pleasurable welcoming the night sitting in a couch waiting for the story of the night of the Aldub soap. Just even thinking the possibility of having such, brings enough energy and inspiration. How much more when it becomes reality?

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