original ALDUBFILES article

Greatness is not about being popular though, greatness is gauze not by the number of fans, but by the number of souls that is inspired by doing nothing yet connecting so much and affecting in a positive way to every life that listens.

ALDUB is an inspiration to all Filipinos around the world. ALDUB is the real meaning of conquering fears through believing in miracles, ALDUB is a gift from GOD to the Filipino people who is struggling everyday to cope up with the daily grind that has been so cruel and sometimes too much to handle and to survive.

This is where real greatness is achieved. Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are like real idols, godlike image that have been sweeping social media like no other. They are more than just history, they are the realization of everyone's dream, more than the accolades and the projects that they have achieved. It is the real goodness in their hearts that transcends even to the youngest of the young and the oldest of the old. They know nothing of any barrier that cannot be hurdled. They know nothing that is too big not to be moved. They know nothing too heavy not to be lifted up.

ALDUB marriage is just the beginning of the real and many challenges that ALDEN and MAINE will encounter. This is not a simple movie, this is life in KalyeSerye. An inspiration to every AldubNation!

The pressure is building up, very high, very strong and sometimes too much to handle. But wait, ALDUB is not built in a water foundation, it was built in the most unconventional way, the most difficult way, the most unimaginable way. We may never see it! What we only saw was the fun and laughter that they have brought to KalyeSerye, but behind the glitz and lights, is a struggle, a commitment, a stride for greatness that have been very difficult for both ALDEN and MAINE to cope.

The crowning glory is not the TAMANG PANAHON, not even the MOVIE but the real crowning glory for them is to continue to provide inspiration regardless of their talents and skills, after all they are not as perfect as others may project. They are as human as we are. They are not super heroes, they have no special powers in their possession, only special gift of love for each and everyone of us.

THAT IS THE REAL SUCCESS, that is the real-life movie, that is the real story.