original ALDUBFILES article:

There are envious and jealous people that pretend to be part of ALDUB Nation but they are just too small to be given time and energy. And there are those who stroke negative vibes to Maine Mendoza but over and over again Maine's stardom doesn't recognize those things.

The inspirations that the million of Aldub fans given to MAINE MENDOZA is more than enough to cope with these real bad emotions. At the end of the day, it's the number of people that enjoyed the performances of Maine, not those who are at the back pretending to be okey, pretending to be a hard core fans, pretending to be happy yet deep filled with envy and jealousy inside their hearts.


 Maine a victim of mindless prejudice? Maybe yes or maybe not, because of her extreme popularity creates envy and jealousy. Other celebrities may have grown that jealous feeling and desire to take Maine's place. But a big no, because no one can take her place.

An envy emotion grows when they fell that they are lacking of which Maine has much. It occurs deep inside that Maine's superior quality, achievement and possession hurt them the most. They have wished Maine the opposite for her. But Maine is well loved by many for what and who she is. Her imperfections and flaws make her human that is embraced by all. Her charisma simply drives all crazy and frenzy.

Like a magnet, everything comes near even nearer to Maine. She doesn't grab it! In fact, she's just laid calm and silent but everyone is calling her name, everyone wants to have a glance with her.

The world needs someone like her. She's an obra maestra that gives glow to one's doomed life. A star have fallen from the sky to bring brightness to mankind. Her exemplary existence is beyond all definitions and meaning.

Maine is a strong woman who knows how to deal with these kind of people. And with the million fans that surrounds her, there is no doubt that she will finish her reign at the top of human success.