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Angelina Jolie is cited as the highest paid actress in Hollywood just the same with Maine Mendoza who is currently the most marketable Philippine celebrity. Angelina got her first award as BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS for her performance in the drama GIRL, in 1999, on the other hand Maine also got her first award as Best Supporting Actress in her first movie last year.

But the comparison will not end there. The most visible similarity between them lies in their most recognizable feature, their full lips or popularly known as the BEE-STUNG-LIPS. It is perceived as far more sexier than any other physical feature from a woman's body that made Angelina Jolie a status symbol around the globe.

With Maine's full lips, she is now one of the most imitated celebrity in the Philippines, as Angelina Jolie to Hollywood. They are the "gold standard of beauty".

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