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In celebration of the 1st Year Anniversary of SA TAMANG PANAHON, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza have their moments of their lifetime. It marked the first time they held each other's hand, the first dance and the first hug amidst the loudest cries and screams from more than 50 thousand strong and powerful flesh that witnessed inside the Philippine Arena, the biggest in the world.

It also marked the first time Yaya Dub showcased her golden voice, uttering those precious and meaningful words excerpt from Bryan White's God Gave Me You as a promise and acceptance that indeed everything have been scripted by the heavens above. Sweet words were spoken live from the mouth of Maine Mendoza that signaled the beginning of her real life love story. Again, it was the first time!

Yes, there's always a first time in everything, and SA TAMANG PANAHON was the first time in its kind not just in Philippine history but also in the history of the world. It was THE GRAND ENTRANCE of MAINE and ALDEN into the messy world of SHOWBIZNESS and in the process exposing their lives into the unfair and judgmental society.

From there on, the story book of Aldub became complicated. But Alden and Maine remained strong and simple in their approach towards each other . There are no days that you would not skip a breath, in fact everyday is a new sunshine and every night marks their overwhelming success. There isn't a blank page in their love story.

What made ALDUB phenomenal is not only their popularity and marketability but their strong sense of acceptance of the responsibility to inspire and heal the sickening world of lies and hatred. They provided and acted as a happy pill and a medicine to those souls who have lost the motivation and became hard to their selves.

It is best to remember those times that our heart skipped to beat. Those days filled with awe and excitement does making us all forget the problems we were currently carrying. It were those times when the Aldub Phenomenal Couple was still on split screen and the KalyeSerye stories were on the roller coaster ride. All we have now are memories that will last a lifetime and the inspiration that will continue to flourish through the rest of our lives.

ALDEN AND MAINE ENCOUNTER at the SA TAMANG PANAHON was the FIRST TIME, but it served as the impetus of their love life that eventually blossomed into something concrete and true.

1 year after, the seed that was planted in Philippine Arena has become the same springboard to the grandest wedding in live television, another first in Aldub celebrated history.

Looking back at the many firsts that happened during Sa Tamang Panahon, everybody realized and wanted to do it again. Yet, ALDEN, MAINE and the ALDUB NATION can only do more, after all   the script of the ALDUB LOVE STORY has long been written by the Unseen Hand above.