Tuesday, October 4, 2016


ALDUBFILES original article:

Why are temper tantrums so difficult to handle? Besides the fact that they loud, annoying and embarrassing, we, the Aldub Nation feel it's our job to act and contribute ways for their calmness.

And of course, we feel deep for their tantrum, having such emotion is like killing one self softly. It greatly shows their frustrations, as the Aldub Nation is rejoicing. The sense of helplessness thus react by getting angry and giving in.

They're gone so much tactics from white to black magic. However, nothing can defy the supercouple Alden and Maine. The couple is a perfect combination that withstand prolific challenges. They have proven their worth beyond affluence and fortune. And even of highest value to everyone's heart.

So sad to those who weep at our happiness. It is not definitely on how much we have, but on how much we enjoy it that makes us happy.

Life is too short to spend time with but it becomes longer when Aldub reigns in our hearts.

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