Excerpt from a poem Noon Blue by Maine Mendoza, posted on the blog a month before the phenomenal Yaya Dub and Alden tandem ignited.

For some odd reason
I feel like something within me
abruptly went missing;
and for whatever reason it is you-
who will complete me.

Maine's words are striking. Seems that words uttered by her are bound to happen. She speaks as though she knows what happen next. Is she a person who serves as the mouthpiece of a deity? Or simply she just used her reason, intuition, or gut feel to foresee tomorrows?

Certainly the birth of Aldub and the arrival of Alden into Maine's life is destiny. Predestined to be together to hold a magical bond that can't be entwined. Just like all of us! Someone our there is waiting to fill the gap within our fingers. Someone that is predestined and meant to stay in our lives to share the meaning of life and existence.

Our words may not be as striking as Maine but our hearts is genuinely the same. In some point of our lives, we felt hurt and broken but through this missing feeling we will be able to feel the completeness again.