MAINE MENDOZA and ALDEN RICHARDS are the name synonymous to greatness, legend and inspiration. Over the past 11 months they have bannered the Philippine change in entertainment industry. Together they made history after another. Until now, they continue to step the ladder of success which will culminate momentarily on July 13, the showing of their first ever BIG SCREEN MOVIE.

But the whole year is not all success and smile for ALDEN and MAINE. This also marked the challenging stage of how Aldub survived from all kinds of demolition jobs from third party personalities who in one way or another affected by the popularity of Aldub. They made wrong information, they fabricated stories and they made direct and indirect rivalry against the social media super couple.

Many thought that ALDUB will just fold and die with the pressure from these third party personalities but instead it made the phenomenon even bigger and historic as it pulled out an unexpected crowd at Philippine arena and an unprecedented tweets on twitter that got the nod from the Guinness World Records.

When everybody thought that it was the last hurrah and the last card of Kalyeserye, ALDEN and MAINE were included in their first ever big screen acting as supporting cast during the Manila Film Festival for the movie MY BEBE LOVE that made another history as the all time highest gross income on first day. If not for controversy, many believed that MBL tops the MFF gross but if there is a consolation for ALDUB, Maine Mendoza herself was awarded as the Best Supporting Acctress a citation that is worth and she truly deserves.

Then the clamor for the first Aldub movie is very ripe after the success of MBL. But before they will throw their hat in a very challenging projects, they made sure they put premium on the ALDUB relationship which is the bread and butter of ALDUB Phenomenon.

Who would forget the first kiss, the first date, the first trip adventure together and the private date that happened on Valentines day? How about the birthday bash of MAINE Mendoza? And the Boracay adventure that captured the imagination of the whole Aldub Nation as to the truthfulness of the relationship between Meng and Richard.

Perhaps it is a year full of ALDUB. Not a day when there is no Aldub happenings on twitter. These and all provide the signal for them to finally make the most awaited first Aldub movie staring Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards. Another wonder will be revealed come July 13!