ALDUBFILES original article

ALDUB WEDDING is one of the grandest and the most solemn events in Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza's lives.

The entourage was composed of big time personalities from entertainment, business, media and the elites. The invited guests include representatives from the Aldub Nation which is the blood life of ALDUB that helped them in caring their names as the most popular and bankable artist in this side of the world.


The church arrangements showcased a touched of an aesthetically grand floral display with meticulously arranged details that set the atmosphere suited for the grand wedding of the century.

The there was the groom's suit and bride's gown that created the feel of the whole ceremony from the time Alden walked into the aisle until Maine followed her and held his hands a sign of surrendering her remaining life without hesitation and question.

Then, the ceremony was perfect, from the priest to the choir and to the soloist. They were giving the wedding an extra lift of emotional build up until MAINE and ALDEN finally exchanged their I DO'S. The church erupted into loud cheers as Maine and Alden seriously yet calmly answered every questions from the officiating priest all in affirmative.

Then, there was the kiss that almost did not happened. Thanks to Lola Nidora for fainting, but perhaps the LOVE between the groom and the bride are too much to resist even for a supposedly unstable condition.

After a while, to the delight of the whole Aldub Nation who almost ran out of patience, Lola Nidora suddenly regained consciousness and gave her go signal to finally do the unimaginable thing of the newly wed, kissing each other's lips.

Then as they said, everything became history. The most awaited Aldub lips to lips happened in front of the altar and watched by millions on television not to mention the worldwide audience on social media and youtube.

It was an inspiring event! A history that will forever be remembered.

But wait, there's more... the marriage vow happened! It was the centerpiece of the whole wedding aside from the main ceremony. It was emotional, dramatic and meaningful yet it was done by ALDEN and MAINE in the most simple way. There was an outpouring of emotions not only from the newly wed but also from ALDUB NATION.

Perhaps every word that comes out of ALDEN and MAINE was felt to the deepest part of the heart of ALDUB NATION. The nation felt the love and affection, the sweetness and the truthfulness of MAINE and RICHARDS. They transformed the perceived reelness of the event into a something unexplainable and mysterious exchange of vows.

Perhaps the nation understands that what they uttered were not just a vow of marriage between them but also a vow of the Aldub Nation, for Aldub Nation and by Aldub Nation.

It was a guarantee of commitment and assurance for ALDEN, MAINE and ALDUB NATION's marriage vow to FOREVER.