ALDUBFILES original article:

All roads lead to the biggest and the grandest wedding in live television tomorrow. All are set for the event from the glamorous wedding gown to the high profile list of sponsors that were carefully picked and planned.

Alden Richards for one has reportedly personally bought the wedding ring in Japan with their names engraved in it. On the other hand, Maine Mendoza just finished with her shower party with her close friends and the 3 lolas. YAYA MOT and the Quandos had special participation as a gift brought by Lola Tinidora for the bride-to-be.

Moreover,  the prenup photos were amazingly done and executed. From the ideas to the presentation on video everything is seamless and beyond compare. All are perfect a fitting tribute for the greatness that ALDUB has put in the table for over one year now.

But in a twist of fate, or perhaps twist of the plot, the wedding might not happen as planned. No thanks for that mystery caller who implied that something had happened to the groom.

Maine Mendoza looked very shocked and puzzled after hearing the caller prompting her to shout the now infamous line, " What? There'll be no wedding?"

But that call did not demoralize the ALDUB NATION instead it pumped up their desire for the wedding to finally happen.

After all, everybody believes that MAINE MENDOZA and ALDEN RICHARDS will end up tying knot tomorrow because that is how their love story goes. Is their love story already written in their palms?

And that's what we call destiny.